Steve H. Heyer is a computer algorithm programming expert

Categorized as one of the most extraordinary industrial robotic computer programmers, Steve H. Heyer has an education specialized in this field. He has done his bachelors as well as masters in computers from the University of California, Berkeley. In addition to his programming skills and expertise, Steve is an archer and has undergone the necessary training to gain professional expertise in this sport. One of his favorite pastimes includes reading books especially ones that talk about modern Japanese fiction. His other hobbies include playing video games, RPGs, and strategy games. Read More …

Welcome to Deeson Member Communications

For more than 50 years we have been providing membership bodies with communication strategies and solutions. Professional bodies, trade associations, institutes, societies, trades unions, charities – any organisation that has members, whoever and wherever they may be.

In 1959 Diners’ Club International launched the UK’s first ‘charge card’. Diners’ customers were a select clientele and it was decided that an exclusive magazine was required to ‘bond’ members to the brand.

Publishing Signature magazine (so called to reflect the Diner’s boast that a member just had to sign and whatever they wanted was theirs), was our first experience of understanding and serving the needs of a discrete group.

The essentials of what we do hasn’t changed in the 50-plus years we’ve been in business. Yes, we’re bigger than when Dr Tony Deeson started the business. The turnover was £80 in month one. Tony’s very first job was to interview the marketing director of Schweppes. It earned him  £3, which wasn’t a bad editorial rate in February 1959.

He and the first staff he employed as the business grew cycled to visit clients, interviewees and printers. No one could afford a car until the business bought a battered grey Mini Cooper in 1964 for £30. No fax or email meant that jobs had to be picked-up and delivered. Banged out on manual typewriters with smudgy carbon copies (no photocopiers then), every stage of the process from writing to printed word had to be done by hand.

In the years since we have served literally thousands of organisations and tens of millions of members, who share a profession, trade, goal or purpose.

Our longevity is thanks to our clients – for whom we often work for many, many years – the dedication and high standards set by our staff, and a commitment to quality and service. Our clients always come first.

This website is not only a shop window for the wide range of member communication services we provide, but is also a constantly developing resource for people who want to know the latest thinking – practical and blue-sky, the newest ideas, tips, techniques, what works and what doesn’t… anything about communications and how to enrich the messages you are sending to your members and how they communicate with you.

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Three Ways of Designing Your Web

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Solve problems in easy way

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Guard against viruses that attack your computer

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How to anticipate the loss of data or images

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